Virtual Keyboard for KDE
Kvkbd is a virtual keyboard for KDE.
- system tray and dock support;
- autodetection and on the fly change of the keyboard layout;
- color themes using CSS;

Source code at Github.
NastyFFT PulseAudio Monitor
NastyFFT standalone OpenGL visualizer for Pulseaudio sound server.
Three rendering styles and settings menu for customization.
Requires libGLU and pulseaudio. Part of the code is reused from http://labs.qt.nokia.com/2010/05/18/qtmultimedia-in-action-a-spectrum-analyser/

Source code at Github.
KDE Networking Tool
A small application that docks in the systray and monitors the activity of the selected network interface. It also monitors the link status - could detect if a networking cable is attached to the nic or not... Supports session management, and runs on next logins. Support auto device remove/insert.
Skipping stones game for KDE
Skipping stones game for KDE
Skipping stones game - "jump neighboring stones over one another. Only one stone will survive!"
Internet Communicator (p2p)
Internet multi-function instant messenger (P2P):

- audio chat (GSM Codec based, low bandwidth 3-4KB/s);
- shared sketch-board allowing two parties to draw simultaneously;
- text chat;
- file transfers;
- encrypted socket connection

Java source code available for download (NetBeans project).


Qt C++ based client is in the works ...