ESP Clock
NodeMCU Desktop Clock
3D printed desktop clock using NodeMCU

NodeMCU (arduino core)
MCP23017 i2c port extender
DS3231 RTC module

Arduino Code
KiCad Schematics
3D Model
Revolt RC Car
Remake of the original car using Arduino
Revolt upgraded with arduino, bluetooth and custom h-bridges. Remote control is also with arduino and wii nunchuck

KiCad Schematics

Arduino code
Quad 405 Remake
Do it yourself 'Audio Receiver and Jukebox'
Clementine Jukebox (Quad 405 Remake) Do it yourself 'Audio Receiver and Jukebox'

Features: 3 Box - modular design

    • Each box is equiped with:
      • Aluminum enclosure
      • Atmega328 MCU Arduino compatible
      • I2C interface for custom interfacing
      • OneWire DS18B20 temperature sensor
      • TSOP31238 IR sensor. Independent box control and user programmable custom remote codes

    • Power Supply Box:
      • AC 30-0-30 Transformer, 500W 8A - Enough power for the output stage
      • Bipolar power supply filtering module using 4 x 10000uF filtering capactiors
      • Soft-start module for transformer and temperature monitoring
      • 12V 3A AC/DC power supply module - For Cubieboard2, LCD and digital circuits.

    • Power Amplifier Box:
      • Output stage based on Quad 405 power amplifier design
      • 2 Mono blocks - 200W per channel
      • Only one electrolityc capacitor
      • More Info

      • Motorized ALPS audio pot for volume control
      • LM293D driver

  • Selector/PC Box:
    • 4 channel reed-relay based selector (MEDER DIP Series)
    • Bluetooth A2DP input using BLK-MD-BC05. ACRCP command supported using the IR buttons.
    • SPDIF Optical input (MUSE Module)
    • Cubieboard2 and 10'' LCD touch screen integrated on top panel; SSD SATA Disk
    • AUX RCA audio input
    • Menu based control system on OLED character display (
    • MSGEQ7 IC module for FFT display data
    • Auto power off (in progress)
    • 4 mechanical buttons for channel selection and menu navigation without IR remote
    • MCP23017 I2C IO port extender ussed to interface the buttons and bluetooth module
    • Full control using user IR remote/li>
    • High Precision Real Time Clock using DS3231 RTC on i2c bus
    • Menu system functions:
KiCad Project files and Arduino source code available.

For more information on the output stage circuit schematic visit: Constructor BG

All other components design and schematics, including enclosure design files will be published here when the final versions are ready.If you still want to peek at the current work you can download the project files below.

KiCad Schematics

Arduino Code